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COVID-19 Lockdown: Jaunty Commends Okowa for Putting in Place Preventive Measures, Lauds Deltans for adhering to Directives


The Executive Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Local Government Affairs, Hon. Dr. Jaunty Okwudi has commended the State Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for putting in place preventive measures towards curbing the spread of Corona Virus in the State.

In a chat with cshowcasenews.com, on Saturday, Hon. Dr. Jaunty Okwudi said that COVID-19 is a pandemic ravaging the entire world by way of unlashing ill health and in most cases death, saying that it is a disease that has come to eat up mankind from China.

“Delta State is not an exception, because we are part of the global system, so His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa has taken very stringent, but efficient and effective preventive measures, probably because of his in-depth knowledge as a medical doctor, again, because of his human milk of nature, and a great concern for the safety of all Deltans,” he said.

The Executive Assistant (Local Government Affairs) noted that the Governor’s preventive measures were meant to ensure that the pandemic ravaging the entire world does not penetrate Delta State, saying that, “should it ever arise, the State government has set up the machinery in motion to take care of those that may be infected.”

“So far, to the glory of God, Covid-19 does not exist in Delta State, therefore, I commend His Excellency’s effort in this direction because he has done marvelously well to ensure that deltans continued to maintain their good health condition, reminiscent of what he has always done in his administration for our overall wellbeing,” Hon. Jaunty noted.

According to Hon Okwudi, it is regrettable that Covid-19 has shifted the Governor’s attention from infrastructural development at this time, but it is for our own good.

Hon. Dr. Okwudi, who is a former Chairman of Aniocha North Local Government Council stated that all hands must be on deck, including top government officials to ensure the success of this all-important health programme/policy by assisting in the monitoring of compliance by everybody across the 25 local government areas of the State.

He lauded the people of Delta state and described their cooperation as a great sacrifice that is geared towards ensuring the best for all, even as he assured that in no distant time, the pandemic would be over.

“It is worthy of note that we must commend deltans for their cooperation so far inspite of the fact that there has been a complete lockdown in Delta State; economic and social activities grounded, but Delta State will bounce back stronger.

“I can say that we have more than 70 percent compliance. I am not expecting 100 percent compliance, if we are able to achieve 70 to 80 percent, I think we are doing well and that is why I am commending deltans for this level of compliance because it is not easy.

While Commending Deltans for their cooperation so far, Hon. Jaunty Okwudi appealed to them to sustain the tempo of adherence to Government directives in curbing the spread of the deadly disease in the State, affirming that the pandemic would not by any means last forever.

He also commended the various local government council chairmen for their sustained efforts in their various local Government areas, saying that it is an effort worthy of note.

“I also want to commend the various council chairmen for what they are doing so far because they have been able to key in strictly into the State Government directives in assisting to enforce the lockdown and be sure that people are also able to adhere to the state government’s directives” he said and noted that the virus could not spread if people should be made to understand the need for them to discipline themselves, abstain from social gatherings, maintain social distancing, wash their hands regularly and where there is no running water,  make use of senitiser as often as possible.

Hon Okwudi also lauded the security agencies who are engaged in the lockdown enforcement, even as he called on them not to be over zealous in carrying out the assignment, saying that there is the urgent need for them to stick to the rules of engagement.

He further noted that the enforcement of the policy was for the benefit of the people and should not result to killing in the guise of enforcing the lockdown. He condemned the killing of Mr. Joseph Pessu in warri. The renowned politician called on the people to be cautious and approach the law enforcement officers with respect, stressing that respect should be reciprocal for common goal to be achieved.

“In all, let all of us understand that this policy is a policy that government has designed for our own wellbeing, to ensure that we are alive. We are all in it together, so we must cooperate with each other.

“It is even better, I must advice that everybody should stay at home, so that within this 14 days, we would be able to determine those who have the virus because within this period it is expected that they will become symptomatic.

“If they become symptomatic, they can be isolated for treatment and those that are free from the virus will live a normal life and those that are symptomatic will be treated and discharged into the society again. By so doing, we will all ensure that we are healthy and productive.”



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