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Covid-19: Warri Central Hospital CMD Debunks Allegation of Maltreating Patient


The Chief Medical Director of Warri Central Hospital, Dr. Paul Okubor, last week debunked allegations that the female COVID-19 patient, Omamuzo Ijala, who is currently undergoing treatment at the Warri treatment and Isolation centre was maltreated.


According to a report, Okubor noted that the Patient, who is one of the six Covis-19 patients in the state, became angry over the manner her name went viral on the social media, even as he descclosed that the patient has also been shown the result of the test indicating that she tested positive to the pandemic.


Okubor similarly debunked social media report that the Centre is ill-equipped to battle and treat COVID-19 patients.


According to him, “Warri treatment Centre is one of the best you can find anywhere and has all the necessary facilities including ventilators to treat patients.”


He stated that the state government has nothing to gain placing patients who had tested negative to the disease in isolation centre designed for those who tested positive.


Omamuzo Ijala whom sample tested positive to the ravaging virus in a viral audio debunked testing positive to the virus.


She also in the audio alleged that medical workers including nurses and doctors at the treatment centre were maltreating and stated that she was yet to see the result of her test revealing that she was COVID-19 carrier.


But Okubor, responding to some of the allegations raised by the patient, posited that Omamuzo’s outburst in the viral audio was not as a result of ill-treatment from caregivers at the centre.


The Warri Central Hospital CMD affirmed that the patient has seen the result of the test from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and said that some group of persons were trying to politicize the outbreak of the virus in the state rather than join forces with caregivers to ensure that patients recover from the pandemic.


“Any patient who test positive, the result is communicated to the patient, likewise those who tested negative. So, it is not correct that she has not seen her result.


“I am sure that you know that it’s not possible to take somebody that tested negative to be taken to treatment or isolation Centre. What does government stands to gain.


“The treatment centre is basically for those who tested positive. I can confirm that she has seen the result



“I think she is little bit upset about the happenings on social media but from our own end, we are doing our very best to cater for her in terms of treatment and feeding. We are doing everything to make her comfortable, Dr Okubor Stated.



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