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World Youth Day: Youths are thriving in Delta, Says Dibie Owen Junior … Commends Okowa for Enabling Environment.


The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Orientation, Mr. Dibie Owen Junior has described Delta State as a place where Youths have been inculcated into the Scheme of things, saying that the celebration of youths has been remarkable.

In a chat with cshowcasenews.com, in his office on Wednesday 12th August, 2020, Mr Owen Junior said that the level of Youth participation in the Governance of the State is uncommon and unprecedented in the history of Delta state.

He noted that the new trend was as a result of the acceptance of the youths by the leadership of the State, led by the State Governor; Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa who, he confirmed, created an enabling environment conducive for youths to thrive.

Mr. Dibie Owen Jr.

“Let me first appreciate His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, our amiable Governor, who made it possible for Youths to have a pride place in the Governance of the State. Youths are thriving today for the fact that we have a Governor who believed in our potential and what we are capable of doing.

“I must let you know that here in Delta State Youths are thriving in different sectors. Youths in Delta State are being empowered, they are being made to see the need to be useful to themselves, as well as, helping to add value to the society and I must tell you that they are doing very well for the fact that they are being carried along in the scheme of things.

“They have been accepted fully and they are living up to the expectation of the system. Now they are being celebrated not because they are youths, but because of what they have been able to achieve with their youthfulness.

“We have come into the system, striving, thriving and doing very well and I must tell you that our father, His Excellency the Governor, Senator Dr. Okowa is happy with us, just as our political leaders are happy with us.

“I make bold to say that we don’t have lazy youths in Delta State, the Governor has inculcated leadership and hard work in us. Youths are being engaged in one form of skill acquisition or the other, hence no room for laziness and idleness among us,” the Youthful Senior Special Assistant affirmed.

He further noted that the trust reposed in the youths by the Governor, made it possible for them to be appointed into critical key areas in the Government and politics of the State, saying that the State Ministry of Youth Development which before now, was a directorate, has been upgraded to a full fledged ministry because of the total acceptance of the critical role of Youths in the scheme of things.

Mr. Dibie Owen Junior, further noted that the ruling Party in the State, in consonance with the new trend, has also given Youths their pride place in the leadership of the party, saying that the synergy between the Youths and the leaders in the state is a commendable one.

“As Youths, I must also tell you that we are enjoying a very cordial relationship with the leadership of our Political Party. We are being carried along, knowing our worth. And I will equally tell you that our leaders are critical in our making, they are our mentors. Our thriving in our various positions of authorities was basically due to our father-son-daughter relationship.

“That is why I will on behalf of youths in Delta State, be very grateful to His Excellency the Governor of Delta State, who indeed is a great father to the Youths in the State. He has taken every youth in the State as his biological Children.

“His Love for the Youths is unprecedented and we are very grateful to him. We have never had it so good in this state before. He is a youth friendly Governor,” Owen Junior stated.

He therefore assured, that Youths in the state are ever determined to continue to do more to justify the trust reposed in them and their acceptance by the people and the leaders.

“Having been given an opportunity into the leadership of the state, to be able to make input, Youths will continue to live up to expectation. The expectation is high and the trust has been bestowed, we will not take it for granted. The Youths will continue to show determination towards adding value to the system, helping to bring about charge that will be beneficial to the society.

“We will not wait until we get to the top before we do what is helpful and needful to the society. We will continue to strive, to prove that indeed we are future leaders where ever we find ourselves,” Mr. Dibia Owen Junior assured.



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