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Delta State Will Soon Become World Next Tourism Destination-Tina Amuziam


Delta Born Nollywood Actress and Politician, Hon. Princess Tina Amuziam is the Chairman, Delta State Tourism Board (DSTB), a servant of God and Screen Diva, who has won several awards, including the Nollywood Iconic awards in Amsterdam, ZAFAA Awards in London and other awards.

She is a mother of two who is known for her ability to play motherly roles in movies. She is currently one of the most gifted Deltan’s and most talented actresses in Nigeria who can fit in any role with the ability to interpret her character very well.

Amuziam is a beautiful woman who has won the hearts of movie buffs with her dazzling role in the hit movie “Glamour Girls”. Since then, she has continued to wow Nollywood with her skills and panache.

In this interview, she bare her mind on several issues within and outside the Nollywood, the establishment of Film Village and her plans for Tourism in Delta State.

Princess Tina Amuziam

Nice to meet you ma, what’s new with you this 2020?

I have been around and doing great for God in Delta State, I think it’s you that has not looked for me. This 2020, part of my plan is to be more committed to God’s work, Join hands with my commissioner to unveil more projects for the ministry, support Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in every way because he is God’s sent. I sincerely want to appreciate him for my appointment. May God bless him richly and continue to keep him for us. He is a man of his word and a real father. My appeal to all Deltans is for us to support this present administration and the stronger Delta stride. He has made us proud with his transformation agenda policies.

As a pioneer member of Nollywood and the Chairman of Delta Tourism Board what is your view about the establishment of the Film Village?

The film village is a brilliant idea that can impact positively on the development of Delta State if carefully and creatively structured, especially in the area of local tourism. Not just as a tourist attraction, because at least 6 other states of the federation are presently building film villages and Entertainment Cities. Delta State is uniquely qualified because of her prior unofficial relationship with Nollywood as the second location for the production of Nollywood films in Nigeria. Delta State film village can be a veritable tourism attraction if certain fundamentals are put in place:

Film Digital Global Monetization.

It is obvious that creating a film village by building elaborate and fancy studios have no tangible effect and it won’t attract film producers if the producers can’t monetize their film products. Presently, Nollywood has become completely comatose precisely because of this reason. So the prevailing advantage for tourism is that if Delta State leads Nigeria in film production monetization, then the entire Nigerian youth population will have genuine purpose to visit the film village, pay for training in digital film skills acquisition, have confidence on return of investment (ROI), as well as pay for accommodation.

Due to the above, the film village will becomes a vibrant purposeful location which now attracts a large population benefiting from other ancillary products such as Cinema screens, waterfalls, breathtaking rides and the all critical live Animation characters already depicted in the Animation stories created by Nigerian Animation studios, such as those presented in Disney World’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The success (Monetization) of the Film Village and theme park is heavily dependent on the creation of such indigenous Animated characters indicating that the film village theme park is the only home for such characters hence the mad rush (local tourism) to the film village.

Tourism is generated if there is unique attraction to a particular location, but the attraction must be unique, vibrant, fun and sensible. The Film Village has the unique opportunity to capture all these fundamental requirements, otherwise a beautifully built and very expensive film village location can easily wither away after initial publicity hype.

Princess Tina Amuziam

What is your advice for women?

Every woman need to be hardworking. Do not envy your fellow woman rather encourage her to grow and support her in every way. Avoid the spirit of jealousy and pray for your success. To our young women, you don’t have to be nude or vulgar in your appearance to be sexy. The way you carry yourself matters a lot. The way you dress yourself even in a pair of Jeans and good shirt can make heads turn.

Are you aware that despite your fame, most people, especially your fans do not know much about you, kindly lead us into your background?

I’m Princess Tina Amuziam, from a royal home in Delta State, the fourth in a family of nine. I’m from Aniocha North LGA. I’m an adult. Every other aspect of my life, I would not want to make public, with due respect to my fans and the public.

Okay, but how do you cope with male admirers?

The point is that you can’t crucify somebody because he is admiring you; you have to be polite with them, even though you don’t want to jump at every admirer that comes your way. I get along with my male admirers and I give God glory always for taking extra time to create me, so I don’t blame anybody who admires me. I also like making friends with people who like me. Even as a married woman, if a guy admires you, you simply tell him thanks and sorry because you are married and it ends there.

How close are you to your God?

Very, very close, in fact, I’m a Christian;  An Ordained servant of God. I have a prayer ministry, an NGO, (Tina Amuziam Foundation) I have a mandate to win souls for Christ.

What motivates you?

I will still say God, because in whatever you do in this life, if you don’t have God, you are a failure, that’s the truth. I relate to my God all the time, He directs me, if I wake up in the morning I talk to Him, bed time, He also directs me. He actually motivates and inspires me every day.

Do you have regrets in life?

My only regret is that I’m too kind and people take advantage of it, but on a second thought, I have learnt not to regret it because I feel that is how God wants it.

What do you hate?

Gossip, Dishonesty, lies.

In retrospect, which among your movies would you say made you a household name?

I would give it to Glamour Girls; it was my role of Jessica in Glamour Girls that made me a household name in movies. Till date, most people still call me Jessica.

What fond memories do you still relish and cherish about your days at NTA?

A lot, I remember being paid about N100.00 (One hundred naira) for a lead role in NTA jobs then, not cash o! They usually give you a CBN cheque, which you will now cash at First Bank and also pay your tax from it. It was really fun then. I also wrote for Food Basket then on NTA, plenty fond memories that I can’t begin to recollect now. I will always thank Christian Onu, any day, anytime for discovering and giving me the opportunity for all these. He discovered me in a Tele movie entitled Victim of Circumstance, where I played the lead.

What are your views about Nollywood?

Truth is that I don’t know where to place Nollywood right now, it is a fast growing industry, which we are all proud of, but what I don’t like is the kind of politics that is currently going on in recent times, it also reminds me of the type of politics that is currently going on in the country. They should all come together and help build Nollywood that is the only way forward.

In what ways has acting impacted positively on your life?

A lot of ways, I can now go to places not everybody can because of my face. You are known and respected because of your famous face, a lot of people; especially youths look up to you as role model, a lot of benefits. Again, through my roles, I’ve impacted positively on my society and healed many troubled souls.

Like how many flicks have you featured in since you joined Nollywood?

I’ve done close to 100 quality movies.

And that makes you a millionaire?

If you say so, to God be the glory.

Princess Tina Amuziam

What are your plans for the Delta State Tourism industry?

Delta state is hugely blessed with both human and natural resources. Our untapped potential is so enormous and requires commitment, uncommon innovation and an inspiring approach to unleash these tourism potential for the good of the people, community and the environment.

Therefore, as an individual and as Chairman, Delta State Tourism Board (DSTB), and with the support of the government, I will bring strategic ideas and initiatives that will lead to maximum return on investments in the tourism sector of Delta State. I will take advantage of the state’s diverse festivals derived from her different ethnic groups; and significant cultural heritage.

Tourism is about population, glamour as well as advocacy. Over the years, I have been in the movie (Nollywood) industry, which in itself is a major tourism hotspot for Nigeria, being the second largest movie industry in the world. So I understand the intricacies of delivering the wow experience to your audience. Now, as a strategic approach towards advancing DSTB,   I am going to replicate a bit of the Nollywood model in delivering the huge tourism offerings of our dear state to the great population of Nigeria and the world.

I want to assure you that Delta state will become the next tourism destination in a very short time.



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