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Anioma Delta Baptist Conference Ordains Six New Pastors … As CP Charges Them On Cooperative Resolution of NBC


The Anioma Delta Baptist Conference of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, has consecrated and ordained six additional Ministers of God into the full Gospel Ministry.

Conference President, Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, The Rev’d Dr. Paul Anyasi, led other anointed ministers of the Conference to perform the ordination, in a solemn ceremony held on Saturday, 28th November, 2020, at the Divine Way Baptist Church, Asaba, Delta State.

Rev’d Dr. Paul Anyasi
CP, Anioma Delta Baptist Conference

Those ordained included; Pastor Johnson Happy of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Umuezeogoli; Pastor Ikpen Akpojero Jomoh from Abundant Baptist Church, Asaba and Pastor Macfide M. Fidelis from the Bethel Baptist Church, Obiaruku.

Pastor Osakwe Godwin from New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Asaba, Pastor Ossaiga Chukwudi from Favour Baptist Church, Ike-Onicha and Pastor Tedeye Jolomi of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Agbor were also amongst the ordinands at the ceremony.

Their ordination and consecration was sequel to the taking of a statement of Pledge and the litany of commitment by the recommending Churches, upon a motion which was unanimously adopted by the Conference.

In his Charge, the Conference President, Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, Rev’d Dr. Paul Anyasi on behalf of the President, Nigerian Baptist Convention, Rev’d Dr. Supo Ayokunle, admonished the newly ordained Pastors to lead their various congregations to cooperate adequately and honestly with the resolutions of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

“Nigerian Baptist Convention does not operate by coercion, we operate by persuasion through willing and voluntary cooperation,” Dr Anyasi clarified adding that the Pastors by their ordination are to interpret the resolutions, practice and policies of the Nigerian Baptist Convention to the membership of their churches.

“We will believe that as you are being ordained today, you will also take the responsibility of ensuring that these Churches that magnanimously called and recommended you for ordination, you will also lead them to understand and cooperate better with the resolutions of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

“This is what we expect from you. Anything short of it, is also a deviation from the pledges you have made today.

“I want to appeal to Churches to always listen to your Pastors and understand that we exist by keeping to the tenet of our cooperation with the policies, beliefs and practice of the Nigerian Baptist Convention,” Rev’d Dr Anyasi concluded.

In his message titled, “The Mark Or The Prize”, Rev’d Dr. Ben Golly said that newly ordained ministers of the gospel may have the tendency of pursuing the prize instead of the Mark, but  stressed however that only vigorous pursuit of the mark is a guarantee for the prize.

Quoting from Philippians chapter 3:13, Dr. Golly  called on the newly consecrated Pastors to press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God, while listing effort, determination, service and focus as critical elements needed to get to achieve the mark with a view to obtaining the ultimate prize.

“If you can get to the mark, it is possible for you to get the prize,” the Man of God affirmed and at the same time, warned against accepting service in the Church when one is not ready to serve sacrificially.

Rev’d Golly who is the Chairman of Pastors Fellowship of the Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, also proffered remedies to reaching the mark as well as obtaining the prize, saying that ordained pastors should allow the past to be in the past.

“All successes and failures in the past should remain in the past. Don’t allow past successes and failures to weigh you down,” he admonished and also stressed on the need for Ministers of God not to dwell on their past glories.

“The Present is left with the Present, all achievement remains in today. Don’t dwell on that glory because there is a mark ahead of you. When you are ordained, you are given another assignment and responsibility.

“Don’t see your ordination as if you have arrived because you have not arrived, there is another assignment ahead of you,” Rev’d Golly stated, even as he emphasized on the need for the Pastors to do God’s work in His own way in line with God’s intent and purposes.

Highlight of the ordination service which had the Chairman, Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, Rev’d Monday Opone officiating alongside the Conference President, included the anointing and consecration of the ordinands, laying of hands by ordained Ministers of the conference, presentation of certificates of ordination and bibles to the newly ordained as well as beautiful renditions of classical hymns by the Choir of the Divine Way Baptist Church, Asaba.



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