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Easter: Anioma Delta Baptist Conference President Rev Anyasi, Urges Christians to Exhibit Love for Others


The President of Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, Rev. Dr. Paul Anyasi has called on Christians to exhibit the virtue of love towards others, as they celebrate Easter.

In his Easter message on Friday, 2nd April, 2021, Rev. Dr Anyasi, who is the Spiritual Leader of the Anioma Delta Baptist Conference, said that demonstrating genuine love to others despite all odds, should be a sure way of appreciating the Lord God Almighty for extending His divine love and mercy to humanity.

He reminded Christians of the true essence of Easter, saying that it is all about love, selflessness  sacrifice and forgiveness, even as he noted that love for others remains the path way to divine and true greatness.

“Our love for others is our grateful response to the love God first demonstrated to us.

“If we are to make our world, our nation and our communities, a better place to live in, we must be willing to humble ourselves and replicate what Easter stands for,” the Conference President stated.

He further said, that Jesus Christ remains an epitome of selflessness, humility, forgiveness and Love, noting that despite his Lordship, he bent to wash the disciples feet, hence, doing what the lowliest of servants normally would do.

“No nation, community or Church group, will experience true greatness without servant leaders, who truly understand that the purpose of seeking leadership position, is to serve others for the benefit of all.

“Christians are called to serve others and we all need inspiration and biblical reinforcement for what we do. Whether we are volunteering for the public or serving as a paid employee, we all need to be reminded of what the Bible says about serving others. This is a way of enhancing selfless development of our society,” the renowned Baptist Minister said.

Dr. Anyasi therefore, called on Christians to be good followers of Jesus Christ, who, he affirmed, laid aside His glory and position in heaven, came down to earth and laid down His life for humanity.

“There is so much pains and anguish in our society today. We need the Jesus like spirit to make sacrifices to ease the pains we have afflicted on our society in general. Many Nigerians are hungry and helpless.

“We require the attitudes of love, sacrifice and peace to be brought to bear on every one. That is the true essence of Easter, sacrifice and God will not fail to reward such,” the Conference President concluded.


Dn. Chijioke Ugbolue

Publicity Secretary

Anioma Delta Baptist Conference


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